yard sale FUN!

Here we are back in Jacksonville! Settling in is a never ending task. As such-we are having a HUGE yard sale this weekend. Of course, we choose the hottest week of the year ( or at least it seems that way)!

Anyway, I found this website for yard sale-ing while working with the PTO at Baby Bear’s school in Fayetteville. YouΒ  can map out your stops before leaving the house, so no time wasted! Awesome, right?

Here’s a link to their site:

<a href=”http://gsalr.com/&#8221; title=”Garage Sales by Map”>Garage Sales</a>

If you get a chance to stop by the yard sale-we’d love to see you!

*Say a prayer that we don’t get rained out! πŸ™‚

Where do eggs come from?

Last night I went to Outback Steakhouse. I asked the server if the steak was cooked in butter. He said it was but being very accommodating, he assured me they would leave off the butter for me. Hooray!
Then I asked if he knew whether or not the Bloomin’ Onion had dairy in it. He was unsure and being a very helpful server, went to check. Meanwhile, I’m staring longingly at the pile of fried onions getting smaller and smaller as others at the table had their fill.
Our server returned with a comical yet quite common answer. The Bloomin’ Onion is fixed with eggs. It was all I could do to smile and say thank you and not laugh uncontrollably!
For some odd reason (and this is not the first time we’ve encountered this confusion), many people think eggs are a dairy product. Maybe it’s because they’re usually grouped near one another at the grocery store. Or maybe it’s because they are both “farm” type products.
Whatever the case, I suppose it’s good for a smile and a laugh whenever we eat out!

And for those with food allergies, I’m here to report, the Sesame Salad with Steak, a small piece of bread, and one piece of Bloomin’ Onion was “safe” as far as I can tell. Patootie Boots has had no reaction thus far! πŸ™‚

The Grass is just Fine

“I can live without it,” was my immediate thought upon finishing a piece of homemade chocolate cake covered in thick buttercream and filled with oreo crΓ¨me.
You see, I’ve spent the past month dodging everything that might contain even the slightest amount of dairy. This means no biscuits, no chocolate, no ice cream. I know what you’re thinking. The answer is No, I’m not doing some crazy post-pregnancy crash diet. As it turns out, our newest addition, Patootie Bear can not tolerate dairy. I know instantly if I have accidentally consumed dairy because PB not only screams inconsolably, but also ends up with blood in his stool.

I began to feel tortured, like I was missing out on Every good thing (especially during Christmas!).
I decided on Baby Bear’s birthday I would try a piece of cake, pump off milk for the next couple of feedings, offer a bottle, and then resume breastfeeding no problem. Only…there was a problem. Patootie Boots seems to digest Alimentum formula okay, but he hates a bottle. Hates. Screamy scream scream hates a bottle. So then came the guilt.
Why did I need that cake, or rather why did I feel like I needed it. I suddenly realized feeling deprived was just silly. Food is amazing, but I can live without it, and not miss it. Sure it’s frustrating going to a restaurant and trying to figure out what I can eat, but I can handle it.

What keeps plaguing me, though, is this thought: Why do we have to test things for confirmation? I didn’t realize I don’t need dairy until I had some again. Is it just human nature to need validation? or is it just me?
I think of the theory that “the grass is always greener on the other side.” Why cant we just believe that the grass is just fine where we are?
At this point, I’m trusting that this dairy-free thing is just a phase. But if it’s not, at least I already know, things will be just fine the way they are.
(Metaphorically) My grass will be as green as I perceive it to be. And someday if the grass really is turning yellow or brown it’s either 1) a passing season or 2) I have lawn care to do!

ps…blog writing is incredibly challenging with three kids climbing all over you! πŸ˜‰

3 thoughts. 3 kids

Question Proposed by my 9 year old nephew: ‘Is it hard having three kids?’

And before I can even answer, I am interrupted.

Answer: I would love to say no.
Fact is: YES. IT’S SO HARD!!

Truth is, being a mom is great. But I think we all know that the first few months with a newborn are no walk in the park.

When everyone is happy and healthy, I can handle it. However, here’s 3 things I’ve learned about having 3 kids in the past 3 months.

#1 Having 3 is NOT just like having 2. Bedtime takes forever. I don’t remember the last time everyone bathed on the same night. I think everyone has at least brushed their teeth this week…maybe?

#2 Know your limits!
As much as I’d like to believe I could survive on my own, I just can’t. Post-partum is no joke when you’re recovering from a (surprise) C-section, mastitis (twice), caring for 3 children with the flu when you have the flu, etc…

I’m surrounded by the most amazing friends and family members EVER. Need groceries? Done. Medical advice at 10pm? No problem. Want to cry on someone’s shoulder? Sure thing. But expect to be encouraged and feel better afterwards (thankya Jesus!).

I’ve had to let myself believe that asking for help or allowing people to help is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of great wisdom and strength. It’s important to know your limits and take care of yourself. Because if your health (mental AND physical) suffers-you can’t care for yourself, much less others!


#3 A positive outlook is ESSENTIAL!
I don’t think I could make it without faith in God’s mercy and grace. When it’s 4am and I’m up for the 3rd time, breastfeeding in pain…I’m certainly not praying to my iPhone (though it and Instagram do keep me from falling asleep in the rocking chair most nights). I’m talking to the Lord, thanking Him for all my blessings (refer to #2). Being thankful gives me hope. And hope is what gets me through.

And that’s all I Have for today. #3 slept just long enough for me to enlighten you all. How thoughtful of him πŸ˜‰

PS…sorry it’s been so long since I posted. Life’s crazy, right??

Thank you

I’ve been a little overwhelmed. Our latest “adventures” seem to all be medically related in some form or fashion. 2 stomach bugs, Baby Bear’s bout with pneumonia, colds, and on a happier note, a new pregnancy are all part of this year’s excitement.

I’ve gotten over the morning sickness hurdle (always nice), and had moved on to the thrill of the ultrasound. Everyone loves a gender reveal. I got cute little scratch-off cards to send out to all our friends and family so they could share in our joy as well. However, two days after the ultrasound, we got an interesting call. Baby is fine. Placenta, however, is a complete previa.

I won’t go into details, but basically it’s not something to be happy about. There’s potential for unexpected bleeding, pre-term labor, danger to me and to baby. Not fun any way you look at it. I can’t call this an adventure. More like a fact of life I want to pretend isn’t really real. But it is.

Therefore, this morning as I stood washing our mountain of dishes that has collected over the past day and a half, I did what I always do. Think. Normally this is a calming process. I think, I process, and by the time I can see the bottom of the sink again, I’m relatively stress-free and smiling again.

But today my smile came early. Tiny Bear (who had slept in), came into the kitchen and the first thing she said to me? “Thank you for doing the dishes, mommy.”

I was shocked. It’s not every day the bears notice all the monotonous things I have to do, let alone say thank you.

I may have a lot to worry about, but thank goodness I also have a lot to make me smile.


PS…here’s a link to the adorable scratch-off cards I ordered. Super CUTE! And if anyone needs 20 “it’s a girl” ones (I ordered both genders in advance), let me know, cause we’re having a B-O-Y!!



Guess what?
I decided to do something crazy and sell some of the watercolor paintings I’ve been doing in my spare time.

Wasn’t really sure where to start, so I decided to put a few paintings on etsy.

Surprise surprise, my etsy shop is ALSO called Rocks Can’t Die.

I uploaded the pictures from my new (0.99 cent) iPhone, and for some reason, it turns them during the uploading process, so i apologize for that.

Please go check out my shop!

I would love some feedback on where else an ’emerging’ artist should be submitting pieces! And how to price them.

It’s a tiny bit overwhelming, but I am excited.

So look, shop, and leave me some comments, please!

Expired Yogurt and Toilet Brushes

A couple months ago I bought some yogurt to use for my healthy baking. Of course healthy baking didn’t happen because of (Insert Excuse Here).

The yogurt, though expired, had not yet been opened. So it’s still good, right? Plus it was only over it’s expiration date by about a week or so. I don’t know how you feel about those dates, but because of a certain matriarch in my family who sometimes overlooks these dates, I’m usually pretty picky.

So, I was making my favorite-peanut butter vanilla yogurt. (Side note- Why hasn’t this caught on yet??) This time, instead of just dipping apples in it, I put in some banana slices. SUPER YUM! You should all go try it.

During this breakfast prep, which only takes about 2 minutes, I hear one of Tiny Bear’s famous blood-curdling screams.

Me: What in the world is going on?!

Baby Bear: She stole my imaginary toilet brush.

Me: So why is SHE the one screaming??

Baby Bear: I stole it baaaack.

Me again: Well for goodness sakes, just give her another imaginary toilet brush.

While I finish preparing our banana peanut butter yogurt, I wonder if I should have made them share it….

Goody Bag Wisdom

Baby Bear is a fountain of knowledge. Not even kidding.

I told him I was contemplating going back to work. You know what he said?

“Who would watch us? You shouldn’t go back to work until I am old enough to stay home and protect Tiny Bear.”

I’m telling you. Pure. Genius.

But what I really wanted to share was his wisdom on goody bags.

Yesterday Baby Bear asked me, “Why do people put pencils in goody bags? They’re boring. You can’t even play with them.”

My response? That’s right, I didn’t have one. I laughed.

I can’t say that I’ve never put a pencil in a goody bag….especially since I’m so anal about monitoring how much candy my kids intake. But let this be a reminder to everyone during this season of giving, before you put pencils in that goody bag, think twice!