Everything for a Reason

My plan? A State Park near Aunt J in Greenville. North Carolina Summer’s plan? Thunderstorms all week. That’s okay though; I needed an excuse to relax for a few days. And this gives me the chance to explain where all this adventuring hullabaloo came from! You see, the reason I wanted to see ALL the state […]

It’s the journey

Today was sort of a monumental day. First official day of summer, my last day of Facebook after 8 years, and our first official trip on our tour of the NC State Parks.   Destination: Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Preserve in Southern Pines. Thankfully, this was a relatively short trip which did not require the […]

The story behind the blog.

My Baby bear, a curly red-headed 5 year old is such a sweetheart when he wants to be. One particular day, he came home from Pre-K with a rock he found on the playground. Just your average filler rock. But when he handed it to me, he said, “Here mommy, I want you to have […]