The story behind the blog.

My Baby bear, a curly red-headed 5 year old is such a sweetheart when he wants to be. One particular day, he came home from Pre-K with a rock he found on the playground. Just your average filler rock. But when he handed it to me, he said, “Here mommy, I want you to have this, because Rocks can’t die.”

I thought it was such a mature thing for him to even have the understanding to say. He wanted me to have something that would last forever.

If any of you have met Baby Bear, you know he is full of memorable quotes. But this one really took me by surprise. And it’s one I won’t soon forget. 

It made me realize how precious the relationship is between a mother and her children. 

While I’ve been busy dreaming and wishing I could travel the world and be on Broadway and hundreds of other things, he is busy growing up on me…  and already concerned about preserving what we have now. 

When an puffy-white haired grandma at the grocery store says, “they grow up so fast,” I usually just nod and smile and say “oh, I know. I know,” and go my way.

But it’s true. It’s happening. and I want to make the memories of their life as exciting and adventurous as possible. I want to give my Baby Bear and Tiny Bear something beautiful to hold onto when I’m gone. Memories that “can’t die.”

SO….we will be adventuring together! Starting this week, we will officially begin our tour of ALL the North Carolina State Parks. I would love to hear any tips you all might have on the Parks. And of course, I would LOVE to have friends and family join us! Anyone who wants memories that can’t die….



One thought on “The story behind the blog.

  1. ❤ SO SWEET! I'm so happy you are blogging their stories. He says the cutest things and it always brings me so much joy to hear them. As far as the state parks, we did have fun at the Cliff of the Neuse. Rylin LOVED the water! All the boys had fun, but I do think it was better when we were all together. I want to head for the mountains next. Around Brevard, sliding rock sounds awesome.

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