Everything for a Reason

My plan? A State Park near Aunt J in Greenville. North Carolina Summer’s plan? Thunderstorms all week.

That’s okay though; I needed an excuse to relax for a few days. And this gives me the chance to explain where all this adventuring hullabaloo came from!

You see, the reason I wanted to see ALL the state parks was because we’ve already visited three. And since I have seen three, what’s thirty-something more, really???

Scene: October 2012

Eno River State Park:

Who knew there could be a State Park in Durham? Even when we arrived, I still couldn’t believe it was there. When I think of Durham, I think big city business and concrete. Not woods, rivers and climbing rocks.

Next surprise of the trip? Well, when I think of camping, I picture hiking through the woods. Making s’mores. Sleeping cozily next to a fire.

And we did all of these things, sort of.

There were some very lovely views. I thoroughly enjoyed climbing on the rocks in the river. I think that’s one of the most fun things to do anytime, anywhere.

I took lots of artsy pictures of the kids which I thought looked great next to the orange and brown leaves. So rustic.

And all the campfire food was very yummy. Including the s’more bananas. Apparently a pinterest idea (from Aunt S).

However, sleeping “cozily” by the fire did not occur. We slept bundled up with all the blankets and clothes we had. And I was still freezing. But the cold wasn’t so bad compared to the “bathroom” situation.

Our site had a little shack with a hole in it which I thought was the safest place to go potty. That is UNTIL I saw a giant jumping ambiguous insect that looked like a cross between a spider and a grasshopper. Not something you want hanging out with you while you’re taking a potty break.

It was especially challenging when I woke up in the middle of the night and could not fall back asleep until I went to the bathroom. So out of the tent I went, with a flashlight (and a husband-no way I was going out there alone), squatting, and praying nothing bit me while…….well, you get the picture. Add to that the fact that it was no more than 30 degrees outside, and you have yourself an adventure. 

Not quite the adventure I was looking for, but an adventure nonetheless.

But of all the experiences of this trip (including having my first hot chocolate from a tin cup, *smiles*), the greatest was allowing the little bears to roam free (*Smiles and sighs*).

I may not have felt safe using the restroom, but for once, I felt safe letting the bears explore to their hearts’ content. Due to the lack of leaves in the fall, we could see wherever they went, and the little bears could do what little bears should be able to do: Play and discover without worry.

Baby Bear earned a nice new nickname, “Tarzaniel;” Tiny Bear was the dirtiest she’s ever been. And they loved every second.

Maybe that’s why I want to go to all the state parks.

I want to see them that curious and happy as much as possible.

I want to believe that the world can be safe and beautiful, at least in the woods.



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