When writing blogs, some people, like me, try to use fake names to describe the people in their lives.

Lucky for me, Baby Bear gave my mom her code name when he was less than a year old. “Hanoonoo.” Most people think it’s some sort of Hawaiian term for Grandma…. “Wiki Answers” tells me, the more modern term for grandmother in Hawaiian is actually “tutu.” (Any of my Hawaiian friends out there, feel free to lend your input.)

The point of bringing “Hanoonoo” to the blog? Well, she was the second chaperone for our last great adventure:

Fort Macon. June 2013

We spent the first part of the day finding lunch. I mention this only because anytime I am anywhere near the Atlantic Beach area, I HAVE to go get a shrimp burger at the Big Oak drive-in. Yes, I’ve debated starting a food blog as well-One thing at a time, people!

Moving along, the next stop was Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium. Some children probably stand in awe at the fishies and absorb every second in that place like a sponge. Mine-not so much. My children have never been ones to be quiet or orderly.

We did manage to (somewhat) sit through a bird show….which involved Hawks, vultures, and my favorite…OWLS!


The kids particularly enjoyed watching the birds eat….raw meat, and even a mouse…*ick*

We had to move quickly, though, because as I said, my bears are just not the aquarium type, no matter how many snakes and frogs and lizards (my greatest fears) I tried to point out.

Due to this excessive amount of energy the bears had, Hanoonoo was not anxious to continue on to Fort Macon. But I suppose I must be very convincing, because onward we went!

AND-it was so worth it.

They listened to some of my chatter about the history of the place. But their favorite part was racing across the green green grass (seriously, how is it so green???).

And the canons, and stacks of canon balls. and Running, did I mention that already?

I love the running part, because I know what comes after….the sweet sweet quiet of “the crash.” That part of the day when the kids are so exhausted that they either 1) fall asleep or 2) play quietly. Either way, I get a little peace.

We took a quick peak at the beach area, but I really didn’t want to go near the water because that wouldn’t lead to peace or quiet. That would lead to wet and soggy. Not fun for the hour-drive home. I cringe just thinking about the whining I would’ve had to endure IF we had gone even a step closer to the water.

At their souvenir shop, Baby Bear got some civil war army men and I got a cool fridge magnet. I just love a useful souvenir, don’t you??

Okay, maybe a water bottle would have been more useful for someone else…but I justify it. Because on the days I’m not adventuring, I’m home. The majority of the time, I’m in the kitchen. The fridge is the perfect place to put a memorable token. I get to have little flashbacks of our fun all day long. Even if it’s just for a second, while I’m getting the third cup of milk or putting back the blueberries for the fifth time.

I know we’re supposed to keep our heads up and facing ever-forward. And it’s true, I don’t like to dwell on the past too much. But I do like to have those brief moments of thinking back. It gives me the hope and the smile I need to get through the day or until our next adventure!


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