Choose Happy (Trails)

Lesson of the month is: You can control your attitude.
It doesn’t matter what everyone around you is saying. It doesn’t matter what everyone around you is doing. You can control your SELF, if you so choose.
I’m finding that this lesson is easier said than done-for adults and children alike!

This past Saturday, I CHOSE to ignore the bears fighting and agitating the liver out of each other.

I made our chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes (from scratch), packed our picnic lunch, filled 5 bottles of water, remembered both the sunscreen AND bug Spray.

And even though some members of the household were choosing to have a poor attitude, I buckled them in the car and off we went to…..

Raven Rock State Park, July 2013

The short story-I’m in LOVE with this place and can’t wait to go back!

A more detailed version:

The first 5 seconds we were on the trail, Baby Bear found a frog no bigger than my thumbnail.
Moments later, we were carrying yet another thing- I’m not sure if it was a slug or snail…

Tiny Bear gets distracted easily, so we don’t move very quickly. Due to the quite frequent delays, Baby Bear and I started writing messages for the other hikers in the dirt. I wrote smiley faces; Baby Bear wrote scribbles which translated to: TURN BACK; RUN for your LIFE or you will surely DIE! (WE might have to scale back on the number of Scooby Doo episodes…)

Eventually we put the “snail” and frog in a nice tree, and moved swiftly to the rocks!

There was no shortage of climbing materials…lots of rocks…massive tree roots…stairs….

Of course, by the end of this, Tiny Bear was out of energy. Thankfully though, she just abruptly stops and refuses to move.

Up she went, on my shoulders. Baby Bear decided he wanted to go see the “Overlook.”
It was very much like the Cliffs of the Neuse. We were up high and “over-looking” a River.
And much like the Cliffs, the bears were unimpressed.
But The Overlook is where I became extremely proud of the Bears that I call mine.

First of all, Baby Bear found a caterpillar. But instead of keeping it to himself, he shared it with a little boy who was crying. It eventually made it’s way to the little girl of the family who didn’t cry for the remainder of our walk to the parking lot. (Baby Bear also gave her instructions on how to care for the caterpillar during the trip home AND when she got home).

Then, when these new-friend Bears decided they had had ENOUGH of the outdoors and hiking, they did what lots of bears do…they cried….and were fine for a few steps, and then whined….

What did mine do? Tiny Bear on my shoulders, Baby Bear by my side. We walked on. NO crying, no whining. Just walking together…..looking at bugs and rocks and fallen trees.

My Bears may not always have the greatest attitudes. But that day, I felt on top of the world.

My work is NOT in Vain.

I hope they will always join me in choosing….

Happy Trails.

*This State Park has the Bear Family Seal of Approval


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