Family has always been very important to me. Ours is a little complex…but wonderful.

This week, the bears and I have had the pleasure of visiting with my sisters and their bears! These reunions don’t happen very often…but the bears play together as if they’re best friends forever (I hope they will be!).

The girls paint their toenails and sing. The boys fight bad guys and climb things they shouldn’t climb. By the end of the day-they’re all beyond exhausted. My goal during these get togethers? To stay as near the kitchen as possible. My sister bears are the best cooks I know, and I try to learn all the tips and secrets I can!
On this week’s menu was (100%) homemade Grilled Pizzas, Clams Casino, Crab Cakes, Fried Shrimp, Hush Puppies…are you drooling yet? Pretty sure I was…and maybe still am!

But before I go on a complete food tangent, let me get to the Adventure-Of-The-Week:

Swansboro, NC.
Intercoastal Waterway

Did you know this waterway was man-made hundreds of years ago? My Brother Bear let me in on that little tidbit!

Now picture this: 3 adults, 5 kids, 3 single kayaks.
Our destination? Shark Tooth Island

Is that the official name of the tiny sanded area just down the waterway from my sister bears’ mom’s house? No clue.
BUT, I do know that it was the most awesome adventure of the week! As soon as I stepped one foot out of the kayak, I found my first shark’s tooth. And there were plenty more to be had! The bears didn’t spend very long looking. They were more interested in swimming around and throwing seaweed at one another. Thankfully, the water was surprisingly shallow right by the little island; the bears were all wearing their life jackets so I felt comfortable letting them play free.

I attempted to look for more shark’s teeth, but I was pretty distracted by the scenery around me. I wanted to look down to find the biggest and best tooth EVER, but the view was addicting. I wish I could even begin to describe the beauty and peace of it all. The water had a tiny bit of a current, which made the spread of sparkles all the more breath-taking. And the grasses hugging the waterway took on a new magical shade of green. There is something so calming in the light of an evening sun accompanied by a light summer breeze.

It was one of those experiences I wish I could keep active and alive and happening forever, somewhere. If I could vacuum all the fantastical perfection into a tiny magic lamp, I could rub the lamp and the reality of the moment would mist out and materialize in front of me all over again. If only…

At least each of us carries a piece of the experience.

Put all the pieces together and you share more than a memory, you share the feeling of belonging, a common bond – the love that makes a family.


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