Rose-colored perspective

Many years ago, my sister gave me a little card. On one side a cartoon image of a girl in her room; the other side a picture of someone (probably the same girl) walking down a side-walk past a trellis full of roses. The card gave instructions for both images.

First, sitting calmly in a room, one should imagine pink flowing over the walls, the furniture, everything. This was supposed to be calming. I never was quite sure how I felt about that.

On the opposite side, were the cliche instructions, “stop and smell the roses.”

I felt that the card a bit unnecessary and excessive in it’s instructions. What I mean to say is-I had no concept of NEEDING calm, relaxation or peace. At this point, I truly believed that the world was full of promise and life was nothing other than beautiful.

The older I get, the more I realize that my “odeas” (as Tiny Bear calls them), were only half-truths.

With life throwing craziness at us from every angle, it’s difficult to see the good. It’s a constant battle for me to push the negative “what-if’s” out.

My sister knew then what I am learning now. That the world we live in IS full of adventure, promise and beauty…but only if you have the right perspective.

I suppose we’ve all learned this at some point or another. It is by no means a NEW lesson, just one that seems to need a lot of repetition.

Our state Park adventures have come to a brief halt as Baby Bear enters Kindergarten and Tiny Bear adapts to a new gluten-free diet (or gets over this 2+ week stomach something-or other).

In the mean time, I’m putting on my rose-colored glasses (metaphorically, of course) and choosing to see each day as an adventure-even if it’s just a walk around the block, or a drive to the grocery store!

How do you stay positive and cheery, friends?????


One thought on “Rose-colored perspective

  1. It can be difficult at times, but count your blessings they are right in front of you. Tell someone you love them each day or how much you appreciate them. I find a lot of happiness in making someone else feel happy. Create a smile it is infectious:)

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