Imposter cookies

Some years ago, a cat showed up at Hanoonoo’s house. It looked exactly like Tigger, a tabby cat I had when I was younger (Does everyone name their orange/yellow striped cats Tigger??). The only difference between this new cat and my Tigger, a really crazy “meow.”
I casually called this new cat, the “Imposter Kitty.” For some reason, this stuck with Baby Bear. He still talks about the imposter kitty 3 years later.

I say all this because today, I made imposter cookies.

The smell lured the bear cubs to the kitchen from all around the house. These cookies LOOK like they could be professional photographed for Betty Crocker’s oatmeal cookie recipe.

One small difference. The minute you pick them up, you know you’ve met an imposter, because they CRUMBLE into a billion tiny pieces.

Now if you can squish all these tiny pieces into a ball and manage to get that ball into your mouth, the taste is that of a ROCK STAR COOKIE.

I do not plan on wasting these. I am brainstorming a recycle recipe as I type…perhaps a cheesecake crust?? Mmmmm

Imposter cookies, You will not defeat me.


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