A perfect world

In a perfect world, I would know how to make EVERYthing without having to check Pinterest. I can never find exactly what I want. Or if I find what I could possibly want, I don’t have all the ingredients. Here’s what I want right now: A pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe that is gluten and […]

The sweetest sound

There’s first coo’s, first words. And after that all the cuteness is gone from baby, right? Wrong! Along with having really great one-liners, I think one of the sweetest sounds out of a Baby/toddler is…. when they are super determined to do something…they breathe in a certain way…. It’s probably just their normal steady breathing […]

The Curse of the Molasses

The curse began long ago, right about the time Baby Bear became a “Waddler.” You know the type-a baby who is just learning to walk and has to fight past a diaper with each step. Waddlers are notorious for getting into things with no reasonable explanation as to how they did it. One particular evening, […]