….That is the question

To mop or not to mop?
Here’s my dilemma.
The kitchen floor is sticky, but I can’t bring myself to mop.
That’s disgusting, you say? Well, I am a firm believer in Murphy’s law. It goes something along these lines: if it can go wrong, it will.

Translates: If you mop, everything in your kitchen will spill all over the floor 5 minutes later.

I could blame the bears, but honestly, once I mop, I also have a higher probability of spilling things. Not because the floor is slippery, but simply because.

Baby Bear tells me that “because” is not an answer. His teacher says so.

In terms of logical reasoning, this is true. But I really can’t think of any other way to explain the mess that follows a mopping.

Sure, I could use my Psychology degree to tell you that after the act of cleaning, I am then paying more attention to messes that may occur. In addition, post-cleaning, I am more sensitive to my work being destroyed. Yada yada yada….

But I’m sure all you fellow Psychology graduates already thought of all that.

I’ll just stick with because.


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