Left-over Epiphany

If you know anything about me, you know this post is going to be about FOOD.

I love left-overs, so I will eat them for days. I will save even the tiniest bit of food (that is not moldy or smelly) to use for SOMEthing.

So, I have some left-over sweet potato casserole. We have had it as a side for several meals now. I wanted something new. I Pinterested (synonymous with “googled” only on Pinterest) around a bit and found a sweet potato biscuit recipe.

Now, the biscuits are awesome all by themselves, mind you. But for some reason, I wanted a glaze, too.

Because I pretty much LOATHE the combined taste of powdered sugar and vanilla (it just tastes so fake), I looked for a “healthy” glaze that hopefully wouldn’t have ingredients I don’t like.

FOUND IT! and it seriously was an epiphany…. Because, why haven’t I thought of this before???

No, you don’t have to use powdered sugar! There are other options.

The recipe I found had way too many things I don’t have like coconut oil and some kind of almond nonsense (hate that in baking, too). I simplified it and used these four items:
butter, melted

That’s IT! Now, I don’t know if this glaze will work well for other things (in particular, the sugar cookies I want to make this weekend), but it’s worth a try!

I apologize for not having measurements. I made the tiniest batch of this stuff EVER (again, hate to waste food), so I used less than a tablespoon of butter and a tiny “splash” of all the other ingredients.Hope you try it and like it! 🙂


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