Expired Yogurt and Toilet Brushes

A couple months ago I bought some yogurt to use for my healthy baking. Of course healthy baking didn’t happen because of (Insert Excuse Here).

The yogurt, though expired, had not yet been opened. So it’s still good, right? Plus it was only over it’s expiration date by about a week or so. I don’t know how you feel about those dates, but because of a certain matriarch in my family who sometimes overlooks these dates, I’m usually pretty picky.

So, I was making my favorite-peanut butter vanilla yogurt. (Side note- Why hasn’t this caught on yet??) This time, instead of just dipping apples in it, I put in some banana slices. SUPER YUM! You should all go try it.

During this breakfast prep, which only takes about 2 minutes, I hear one of Tiny Bear’s famous blood-curdling screams.

Me: What in the world is going on?!

Baby Bear: She stole my imaginary toilet brush.

Me: So why is SHE the one screaming??

Baby Bear: I stole it baaaack.

Me again: Well for goodness sakes, just give her another imaginary toilet brush.

While I finish preparing our banana peanut butter yogurt, I wonder if I should have made them share it….


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