Thank you

I’ve been a little overwhelmed. Our latest “adventures” seem to all be medically related in some form or fashion. 2 stomach bugs, Baby Bear’s bout with pneumonia, colds, and on a happier note, a new pregnancy are all part of this year’s excitement.

I’ve gotten over the morning sickness hurdle (always nice), and had moved on to the thrill of the ultrasound. Everyone loves a gender reveal. I got cute little scratch-off cards to send out to all our friends and family so they could share in our joy as well. However, two days after the ultrasound, we got an interesting call. Baby is fine. Placenta, however, is a complete previa.

I won’t go into details, but basically it’s not something to be happy about. There’s potential for unexpected bleeding, pre-term labor, danger to me and to baby. Not fun any way you look at it. I can’t call this an adventure. More like a fact of life I want to pretend isn’t really real. But it is.

Therefore, this morning as I stood washing our mountain of dishes that has collected over the past day and a half, I did what I always do. Think. Normally this is a calming process. I think, I process, and by the time I can see the bottom of the sink again, I’m relatively stress-free and smiling again.

But today my smile came early. Tiny Bear (who had slept in), came into the kitchen and the first thing she said to me? “Thank you for doing the dishes, mommy.”

I was shocked. It’s not every day the bears notice all the monotonous things I have to do, let alone say thank you.

I may have a lot to worry about, but thank goodness I also have a lot to make me smile.


PS…here’s a link to the adorable scratch-off cards I ordered. Super CUTE! And if anyone needs 20 “it’s a girl” ones (I ordered both genders in advance), let me know, cause we’re having a B-O-Y!!


2 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. It has been a while with the posts. Now I know why. I truly hope/pray that everything does go well.

    And Tiny Bear is awesome.

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