3 thoughts. 3 kids

Question Proposed by my 9 year old nephew: ‘Is it hard having three kids?’

And before I can even answer, I am interrupted.

Answer: I would love to say no.
Fact is: YES. IT’S SO HARD!!

Truth is, being a mom is great. But I think we all know that the first few months with a newborn are no walk in the park.

When everyone is happy and healthy, I can handle it. However, here’s 3 things I’ve learned about having 3 kids in the past 3 months.

#1 Having 3 is NOT just like having 2. Bedtime takes forever. I don’t remember the last time everyone bathed on the same night. I think everyone has at least brushed their teeth this week…maybe?

#2 Know your limits!
As much as I’d like to believe I could survive on my own, I just can’t. Post-partum is no joke when you’re recovering from a (surprise) C-section, mastitis (twice), caring for 3 children with the flu when you have the flu, etc…

I’m surrounded by the most amazing friends and family members EVER. Need groceries? Done. Medical advice at 10pm? No problem. Want to cry on someone’s shoulder? Sure thing. But expect to be encouraged and feel better afterwards (thankya Jesus!).

I’ve had to let myself believe that asking for help or allowing people to help is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of great wisdom and strength. It’s important to know your limits and take care of yourself. Because if your health (mental AND physical) suffers-you can’t care for yourself, much less others!


#3 A positive outlook is ESSENTIAL!
I don’t think I could make it without faith in God’s mercy and grace. When it’s 4am and I’m up for the 3rd time, breastfeeding in pain…I’m certainly not praying to my iPhone (though it and Instagram do keep me from falling asleep in the rocking chair most nights). I’m talking to the Lord, thanking Him for all my blessings (refer to #2). Being thankful gives me hope. And hope is what gets me through.

And that’s all I Have for today. #3 slept just long enough for me to enlighten you all. How thoughtful of him 😉

PS…sorry it’s been so long since I posted. Life’s crazy, right??


2 thoughts on “3 thoughts. 3 kids

  1. It has been a while. I was wondering why you haven’t posted anything in a while. Now we know. Happy late Thanksgiving birthday, Christmas, New Year, and MLK Day. I hope you and tthe family are feeling better.

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