Where do eggs come from?

Last night I went to Outback Steakhouse. I asked the server if the steak was cooked in butter. He said it was but being very accommodating, he assured me they would leave off the butter for me. Hooray!
Then I asked if he knew whether or not the Bloomin’ Onion had dairy in it. He was unsure and being a very helpful server, went to check. Meanwhile, I’m staring longingly at the pile of fried onions getting smaller and smaller as others at the table had their fill.
Our server returned with a comical yet quite common answer. The Bloomin’ Onion is fixed with eggs. It was all I could do to smile and say thank you and not laugh uncontrollably!
For some odd reason (and this is not the first time we’ve encountered this confusion), many people think eggs are a dairy product. Maybe it’s because they’re usually grouped near one another at the grocery store. Or maybe it’s because they are both “farm” type products.
Whatever the case, I suppose it’s good for a smile and a laugh whenever we eat out!

And for those with food allergies, I’m here to report, the Sesame Salad with Steak, a small piece of bread, and one piece of Bloomin’ Onion was “safe” as far as I can tell. Patootie Boots has had no reaction thus far! 🙂


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