The Grass is just Fine

“I can live without it,” was my immediate thought upon finishing a piece of homemade chocolate cake covered in thick buttercream and filled with oreo crème. You see, I’ve spent the past month dodging everything that might contain even the slightest amount of dairy. This means no biscuits, no chocolate, no ice cream. I know […]

Left-over Epiphany

If you know anything about me, you know this post is going to be about FOOD. I love left-overs, so I will eat them for days. I will save even the tiniest bit of food (that is not moldy or smelly) to use for SOMEthing. So, I have some left-over sweet potato casserole. We have […]

The Curse of the Molasses

The curse began long ago, right about the time Baby Bear became a “Waddler.” You know the type-a baby who is just learning to walk and has to fight past a diaper with each step. Waddlers are notorious for getting into things with no reasonable explanation as to how they did it. One particular evening, […]

Imposter cookies

Some years ago, a cat showed up at Hanoonoo’s house. It looked exactly like Tigger, a tabby cat I had when I was younger (Does everyone name their orange/yellow striped cats Tigger??). The only difference between this new cat and my Tigger, a really crazy “meow.” I casually called this new cat, the “Imposter Kitty.” […]

“Never have I Ever”

…made cookies without a recipe, UNTIL today! I want cookies. All the time. Luckily for my waistline, I rarely ever buy them, and usually do not have the amount of energy required to make them. However, on this adventurous morning, I made coffee! And because I made coffee, I wanted cookies to go with them. […]