yard sale FUN!

Here we are back in Jacksonville! Settling in is a never ending task. As such-we are having a HUGE yard sale this weekend. Of course, we choose the hottest week of the year ( or at least it seems that way)! Anyway, I found this website for yard sale-ing while working with the PTO at […]

Thank you

I’ve been a little overwhelmed. Our latest “adventures” seem to all be medically related in some form or fashion. 2 stomach bugs, Baby Bear’s bout with pneumonia, colds, and on a happier note, a new pregnancy are all part of this year’s excitement. I’ve gotten over the morning sickness hurdle (always nice), and had moved […]

A perfect world

In a perfect world, I would know how to make EVERYthing without having to check Pinterest. I can never find exactly what I want. Or if I find what I could possibly want, I don’t have all the ingredients. Here’s what I want right now: A pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe that is gluten and […]

The sweetest sound

There’s first coo’s, first words. And after that all the cuteness is gone from baby, right? Wrong! Along with having really great one-liners, I think one of the sweetest sounds out of a Baby/toddler is…. when they are super determined to do something…they breathe in a certain way…. It’s probably just their normal steady breathing […]