Left-over Epiphany

If you know anything about me, you know this post is going to be about FOOD.

I love left-overs, so I will eat them for days. I will save even the tiniest bit of food (that is not moldy or smelly) to use for SOMEthing.

So, I have some left-over sweet potato casserole. We have had it as a side for several meals now. I wanted something new. I Pinterested (synonymous with “googled” only on Pinterest) around a bit and found a sweet potato biscuit recipe.

Now, the biscuits are awesome all by themselves, mind you. But for some reason, I wanted a glaze, too.

Because I pretty much LOATHE the combined taste of powdered sugar and vanilla (it just tastes so fake), I looked for a “healthy” glaze that hopefully wouldn’t have ingredients I don’t like.

FOUND IT! and it seriously was an epiphany…. Because, why haven’t I thought of this before???

No, you don’t have to use powdered sugar! There are other options.

The recipe I found had way too many things I don’t have like coconut oil and some kind of almond nonsense (hate that in baking, too). I simplified it and used these four items:
butter, melted

That’s IT! Now, I don’t know if this glaze will work well for other things (in particular, the sugar cookies I want to make this weekend), but it’s worth a try!

I apologize for not having measurements. I made the tiniest batch of this stuff EVER (again, hate to waste food), so I used less than a tablespoon of butter and a tiny “splash” of all the other ingredients.Hope you try it and like it! 🙂


….That is the question

To mop or not to mop?
Here’s my dilemma.
The kitchen floor is sticky, but I can’t bring myself to mop.
That’s disgusting, you say? Well, I am a firm believer in Murphy’s law. It goes something along these lines: if it can go wrong, it will.

Translates: If you mop, everything in your kitchen will spill all over the floor 5 minutes later.

I could blame the bears, but honestly, once I mop, I also have a higher probability of spilling things. Not because the floor is slippery, but simply because.

Baby Bear tells me that “because” is not an answer. His teacher says so.

In terms of logical reasoning, this is true. But I really can’t think of any other way to explain the mess that follows a mopping.

Sure, I could use my Psychology degree to tell you that after the act of cleaning, I am then paying more attention to messes that may occur. In addition, post-cleaning, I am more sensitive to my work being destroyed. Yada yada yada….

But I’m sure all you fellow Psychology graduates already thought of all that.

I’ll just stick with because.

A perfect world

In a perfect world, I would know how to make EVERYthing without having to check Pinterest.
I can never find exactly what I want. Or if I find what I could possibly want, I don’t have all the ingredients.
Here’s what I want right now:

A pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe that is gluten and sugar free. That is to say, I really want to be able to use unsweetened applesauce in place of sugar…but I’m afraid to try it without seeing it somewhere else first.
Because, there’s nothing worse than cookies gone wrong…Okay so there are worse things. BUT it really bugs me to have a recipe go wrong because that means all the money I spent on those ingredients is gone. And that just does not work for a family of four (plus a dog and two ducks).

I’d also like to make chicken that I know is fully cooked (without having to check), and not with rice.
I love rice, but not creamy and with chicken. I used to love all those things together, buttery and in a casserole dish, but then there was this one stomach bug……..you know the rest.

I know with a title like “a perfect world,” you were probably expecting some essay on world peace, but instead you got a mom complaining about chicken and cookie recipes.

I’m a stay-at-home-mom, and that’s what’s on my mind right now, mmkay??

And for the record, reading and thinking about recipes is really great for relieving stress…..even if you don’t have all the ingredients.

ps… The secret to skinny?

Never ever keep all the ingredients you need for those super comforting (and usually fattening) recipes you love the most.

Momma Bear

The sweetest sound

There’s first coo’s, first words. And after that all the cuteness is gone from baby, right?
Wrong! Along with having really great one-liners, I think one of the sweetest sounds out of a Baby/toddler is….
when they are super determined to do something…they breathe in a certain way…. It’s probably just their normal steady breathing only a little louder. I assume it has something to do with the intense concentration. Call me crazy for noticing, but it is seriously adorable. I hope I don’t do it, because it would not be near as cute on an adult as it is a teeny Tiny!
Next time your little one attempts a new task, listen for it!

The Curse of the Molasses

The curse began long ago, right about the time Baby Bear became a “Waddler.” You know the type-a baby who is just learning to walk and has to fight past a diaper with each step. Waddlers are notorious for getting into things with no reasonable explanation as to how they did it.

One particular evening, I felt quite like a rock star multi-tasking mommy. Cooking, carefully balancing my time between talking to Baby Bear, checking the food, and watching the news. Until……

Until the curse decided to show it’s ugly face for the first time.

I turned around to see my precious red-headed Baby Bear standing in a puddle of Blood??? NO. Grease?? Surely not.

No, that thick mystery puddle of stickiness was MOLASSES!

Thankfully, that molasses had been contained in plastic and brought no harm to either me or Baby Bear.

Pride deflated, I cleaned up the mess and hoped no one would notice the floor was still a tad bit sticky.

Fast-forward 4 years, I’m now a professional Momma Bear, once again balancing my tasks so well (or so I thought)-talking on the phone, crafting, thinking about what I would make for dinner. And then I heard it, something fall followed by Baby Bear’s voice, “Uhhhhhhhhh.”

I walk over to the pantry expecting to find a can of soup on the floor. Instead, I find a jar or what was left of a jar of, You guessed it, MOLASSES! Only this time, the sticky puddle is full of glass.

Thankfully Tiny Bear was napping, and I had time to clean it up without anyone (except me) getting hurt.

Here’s to hoping Baby Bear’s reflexes improve before the curse strikes again……

Stay at Home moms do WHAT all day???

Ever found yourself wondering what on earth Stay-at-home-moms do all day?

First let me start by saying, I am truly thankful for being able to stay home with my kids.

And while some days really are just laundry, mopping, and cleaning (yippee, right?), there are some days when I get to have “fun.”

This week’s stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) adventure?? Card-making and Stamping!

Sounds riveting, doesn’t it? It TOTALLY is! NO really….

Here’s why I’m doing this:

Next month Papa Bear graduates from his US ARMY training. A training that has lasted 2+ years. I really don’t think it’s possible to be anymore proud of him than I am.

So, in order to celebrate the closing of one chapter of our lives, and a beginning of another-we’re doing what the Bear family does best; we’re having a PARTY!

My SAHM “job” for the week? Invitations!

I searched the web looking for the perfect invitation. I was sad to find that even my faithful, go-to, handmade website, Etsy didn’t even have exactly what I wanted.

So, I took a little inspiration from a few that were almost what I wanted, and then I went shopping (yes, SAHMs get to go shopping whenever they feel like it, within a budget, of course….)

Poor Tiny Bear had to march through THREE different craft stores until I finally found all the pieces I needed to carry out my project! And I must add, she is quite the little trooper!

I am very pleased with the product I’m creating. So pleased in fact, that I think it’s safe to go ahead and add stamping and card-making to my SAHM resume. Cause one project has totally made me a pro 😉

Imposter cookies

Some years ago, a cat showed up at Hanoonoo’s house. It looked exactly like Tigger, a tabby cat I had when I was younger (Does everyone name their orange/yellow striped cats Tigger??). The only difference between this new cat and my Tigger, a really crazy “meow.”
I casually called this new cat, the “Imposter Kitty.” For some reason, this stuck with Baby Bear. He still talks about the imposter kitty 3 years later.

I say all this because today, I made imposter cookies.

The smell lured the bear cubs to the kitchen from all around the house. These cookies LOOK like they could be professional photographed for Betty Crocker’s oatmeal cookie recipe.

One small difference. The minute you pick them up, you know you’ve met an imposter, because they CRUMBLE into a billion tiny pieces.

Now if you can squish all these tiny pieces into a ball and manage to get that ball into your mouth, the taste is that of a ROCK STAR COOKIE.

I do not plan on wasting these. I am brainstorming a recycle recipe as I type…perhaps a cheesecake crust?? Mmmmm

Imposter cookies, You will not defeat me.