Thank you

I’ve been a little overwhelmed. Our latest “adventures” seem to all be medically related in some form or fashion. 2 stomach bugs, Baby Bear’s bout with pneumonia, colds, and on a happier note, a new pregnancy are all part of this year’s excitement. I’ve gotten over the morning sickness hurdle (always nice), and had moved […]

Moving on Up

I think we’ve been under a flood watch/thunderstorm watch every day for the last 2 weeks. This has given me the opportunity for two main things: First: Potty Training Tiny Bear.  I’ve always heard girls are easier to train. Lies. Talk about adventure. I’m ready to move on, thank you! Second: I get to tell […]

It’s the journey

Today was sort of a monumental day. First official day of summer, my last day of Facebook after 8 years, and our first official trip on our tour of the NC State Parks.   Destination: Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Preserve in Southern Pines. Thankfully, this was a relatively short trip which did not require the […]