The Grass is just Fine

“I can live without it,” was my immediate thought upon finishing a piece of homemade chocolate cake covered in thick buttercream and filled with oreo crème. You see, I’ve spent the past month dodging everything that might contain even the slightest amount of dairy. This means no biscuits, no chocolate, no ice cream. I know […]

Left-over Epiphany

If you know anything about me, you know this post is going to be about FOOD. I love left-overs, so I will eat them for days. I will save even the tiniest bit of food (that is not moldy or smelly) to use for SOMEthing. So, I have some left-over sweet potato casserole. We have […]

A perfect world

In a perfect world, I would know how to make EVERYthing without having to check Pinterest. I can never find exactly what I want. Or if I find what I could possibly want, I don’t have all the ingredients. Here’s what I want right now: A pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe that is gluten and […]